Our Products

  • Perkins Engines Generators

    Greencamel supplies Perkins powered generators from 15kva – 100kva for customers requiring a world renowned brand of generator within a very short space of time. Perkins is one of the best known engines worldwide, and is often the preferred brand of generator in African countries due to its durability and, when needed, the availability of spare parts and service components. Larger Perkins generators are specially ordered and supplied as and when required.

  • Doosan Engine Generators

    If you want best-in-class industrial generators in Kenya, a Doosan power generator could be the ideal solution for you. Greencamel supplies and installs all popular models from the Doosan genset collection and you can view the entire range of powerful and efficient models right here. Known for their maximum power output and renowned for their reliability, if you want confidence in prime or standby generators choose a Doosan diesel generator and you really can’t go wrong.

    Greencamel Ltd
  • Mitsubishi Engine Generators

    Look no further for great value Mitsubishi generators for sale in Kenya. At Greencamel, we are a long-established supplier of industrial diesel generators with some of the lowest Mitsubishi generator prices. If you need a Mitsubishi portable generator for emergency power and are looking for the best deal on a silent diesel generator in Kenya, we can’t be beaten.

    Greencamel Ltd
  • Lovol Engine Generators

    For the best Lovol generators Kenya has to offer, choose our expert team at Greencamel. We specialise in Lovol diesel generators for sale in Kenya and provide back-up power at very reasonable prices. We have one of the largest collections of Lovol diesel generators, offering models in a variety of sizes with different power outputs.

  • Foton Engine Generators

    Foton has collaborated with Cummins, one of the most advanced diesel engine manufacturers in the world, for quality power generator production . This makes Foton power generators – and their engines – unsurpassed in reliability, durability and power.

    Greencamel Ltd
  • Cummins Engine Generators

    The Cummins Power Generator set is fully integrated power generation system,providing optimum performance,reliability and versatility for stationary standby,prime power and continuous duty applications,this power generation engine includes a direct fuel injection for a cleaner,quieter and more fuel-efficient performance.

    Greencamel Ltd