Power Generators For Hospitals

Hospitals have a more demanding power supply. The power for hospitals allows absolutely no interruption and must be provided in a super silent way. To meet the demanding requirements, the power generators must have excellent performance.A quality generating set is certainly the basis of any installation project for Hospital back up power, but many other skills and experience are needed to design these complex systems, often subject to strict regulations.

    What Our solution Offers

  • Working Conditions

    24 hours consecutive stable power output at rated power (10% overload for 1 hour permissible each 12 hours), in the following conditions.
    Altitude height: 1000 meters and below.
    Temperature: lower limit -15°C, up limit 40°C

  • Low Noise

    The power supply should be super low so that the doctors can work in quiet, also the patients can have an undisturbed rest environment.

  • Necessarily protective equipments

    The machine will automatically stop and give signals in the following cases: low oil pressure, high temperature, over speed, start failure.

  • Stable performance & high reliability

    Average failure interval: not less than 1000 hours Voltage regulation range: at 0% load between 95%-105% of rated voltage.