Solar Minigrids

Solar Minigrids

Access to electricity is the backbone of the economic development of a country. There are currently more than 1,500 million people in the world with no access to electricity at home. The development of mini-grids is a competitive alternative to the expansion of national transmission and distribution grids, which are so costly as to be infeasible in some countries.


    For decades ,rural communities in Kenya have waited in vain for government supplied electricity to arrive.With population growth forecast to exceed connection rates"energy poverty" is expected to worsen before it improves.


    Our 'plug & play' containerised modular solutions, with outputs that can go from 3 kW to 50 kW, adapt to the power demands of mini-grids:

    Designed to operate under extreme conditions (remote locations)
    Ease of handling and operation: remote control
    Limited maintenance
    Quick installation: standard industrial container
    Customised solution for each situation
    Competitive pricing


    Minigrids provide electricity more quickly and at much lower costs .Because minigrids require less capital investments that grid expansion,it can be easier to secure financing for them,meaning that they can electrify communities that might have to wait years for connections. minigrids also have distinct advantage over offgrid systems:greater power generation .Productivity-enhancing farm machinery,for example,usually requires more power than off-grid household systems can provide.